2019 Programme

All talks are held at the Combe Down Primary School Hall in Summer Lane, BA2 5JX.   Events start at 7.30pm.
CDHS Members £1, Visitors £3. All tickets on the door.

July and August : No Meetings

*** CDHS trip to Beer Caves ***

Wednesday 25 September

Visit to the Beer Quarry Caves near Lyme Regis famed for the building stone quarried there for 2000 years and used in the construction of many cathedrals and churches

Please contact Simon Burrows on 01225 833966 or simonburrows2@btinternet.com

Our next talks are :

Wednesday 18 September

The Somersetshire Coal Canal at Monkton Combe and Tucking Mill

Roger Halse, Archivist of the Somersetshire Coal Canal Society, will discuss the history of the canal where it passes below Combe Down and illustrate his talk with the many pictures held in the SCCS archive.

Wednesday 16 October

My House : Welford, Church Road, Combe Down

Tim Lunt considers the owners and inhabitants of Welford, a villa built on Church Road in 1832, and the times they lived through.

Wednesday 13 November

They will look on Bath as their alma mater : the origins of Newton Park College.

Dr Kate James, doctoral researcher and lecturer at Bath Spa University, looks back to the 1940s and 50s when the Newton Park campus with its 18th century mansion housed the Bath Teacher Training College.

Wednesday 18 December

The Christmas Cracker


“A Village of Schools”


A new book on education in Combe Down by Jill Woodhead has recently been published by the Combe Down Heritage Society. “A Village of Schools” looks at the many schools, and the workhouse, that have come and gone on Combe Down between 1727 and 2000.

Reviewed by local historian Andrew Swift, he praised the work and suggested it would be of immense help to future writers on the history of Combe Down.

Available now from the Museum of Bath Stone, 55 Combe Road, Combe Down; many local bookshops; or online at the CDHS eShop : Price £6


Many of us remember the commemorative plates that were commissioned to mark the completion of the stabilisation of the Stone Mines. Each of the 691 householders living over the mines was given a ceramic plate – one small part of a map – representing not only their individual house but the mine world beneath and the creatures to be found there.

Of the single print run that was made for exhibition, there are a number of duplicates remaining and these are available for sale to Combe Down residents.

Prices are from £5 to £10 depending on the image and detail depicted, with further price reductions available on request.
Contact: Jen Morgan at info@ralphallencornerstone.org.uk or phone 01225