Programme 2015 … so far

All events except excursions and RAC visit on 20 May are at the Combe Down Primary School Hall in Summer Lane.   Events start at 7.30pm.  CDHS Members £1, Visitors £3

20 May               Visit to Ralph Allen Cornerstone and CDHS Archive.

An opportunity to see the William Smith Exhibition at the RAC and the CDHS archive in the large room beneath. You will also be able to see the stone-lined cistern used to steep the grain as part of the malting process when the building was used as a brewery.

*** Please note this meeting is held at RAC at 7.30pm and not the CD School Hall  ***

17 June              ‘Dundas and the Somerset Coal Canal’   

A talk by Tim Whealdon on the origins of the SCC at Dundas and its rebirth as the marina for the Bath and Dundas Canal Company

18 June, afternoon              Excursion to WW2 Anti-Invasion Defences at Hog Wood, Hinton Charterhouse with excavation and talk by Bristol University.  

Contact Tim Lunt on for further details and to book a place. Price £5

July/August               No meetings


News and Events


The Combe Down Heritage Society Archive at Ralph Allen CornerStone 

With the opening of the CornerStone last year it has been possible to move our archive from the temporary office we had been kindly loaned at Isabella Place into our own repository in the basement of the new building. This cavernous room below the visitor centre is ideal for storage of all the records and artefacts that have been collected and donated to CDHS over the years. It also has the preserved remains of the stonelined cistern used to steep the grain as part of the malting process when the building was used as a brewery.

We have installed tables and shelving bought with a grant from the Arts Council and work proceeds on completing the archiving project. This will safely preserve the physical objects in appropriate storage media and record our collection on a computer database. We would love you to help us with this so if you are interested please contact David Bishop, our Archivist on 01225 425320.