Many of us remember the commemorative plates that were commissioned to mark the completion of the stabilisation of the Stone Mines. Each of the 691 householders living over the mines was given a ceramic plate – one small part of a map – representing not only their individual house but the mine world beneath and the creatures to be found there.

Of the single print run that was made for exhibition, there are a number of duplicates remaining and these are available for sale to Combe Down residents.

Prices are from £5 to £10 depending on the image and detail depicted, with further price reductions available on request.
Contact: Jen Morgan at info@ralphallencornerstone.org.uk or phone 01225

2 thoughts on “*** CHRISTOPHER TIPPING PLATES FOR SALE !!! ***

  1. Good afternoon members of the Heritage Society.

    This is a long shot but I thought I would try it anyway. Does anybody have a spare copy of the DVD that was made about the Bath Stone Mines that was done for the Mine Stabilisation Project? It is the one that shows Bath Stone being mined currently. Alternatively, is anyone prepared to make a copy of their own DVD as a kind gesture?

    In the early 1980’s I was part of a group of men that reopened the mine at Limpley Stoke and I have fading memories of what the mines looked like. I would also like to show a couple of people what I used to do when I worked underground.

    I would be prepared to swap a taped interview with an old retired stone miner that I recorded in the 1980’s in which the miner describes life and work in the stone mines before WW2.

    I can be reached on the above email address.


    John Millar

  2. Thanks John. It was good to hear from you and of your really interesting story.

    I hadn’t heard of the DVD and will attempt to trace a copy. As well as asking my Committee, we will put out a Newsletter in a couple of weeks and I will quote your message in full.



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