This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held online using Zoom. It will take place at 7.30 p.m. on Friday 16 April.

Invitations, including the Zoom meeting ID and passcode will be sent to all members, either by email or by post.

A sheet of instructions is also included, for those who have not used Zoom before.

The meeting agenda and chair’s report has been posted at the bottom of this page (Latest AGM Reports and Newsletters).

“A Village of Schools”


A new book on education in Combe Down by Jill Woodhead has recently been published by the Combe Down Heritage Society. “A Village of Schools” looks at the many schools, and the workhouse, that have come and gone on Combe Down between 1727 and 2000.

Reviewed by local historian Andrew Swift, he praised the work and suggested it would be of immense help to future writers on the history of Combe Down.

Available now from the Museum of Bath Stone, 55 Combe Road, Combe Down; many local bookshops; or online at the CDHS eShop : Price £6